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    - OEM GNSS hardware and Software

    - End-user solutions

    - Machine Control systems

    - Other products

DataGrid collaborates with other high tech organizations* to offer products and services that require large resources. These range from "turnkey" space applications and commercial space systems to technologies that bear on large scale challenges on the ground such as; land management, Identification of persons, objects and locations, secure communications and safe data storage. Large scale implementation of high technology can make the previously technically impossible, not only practical but also efficient and economic.  


  • DataGrid offers its technology to third parties subject to restrictions** under license and royalty agreements. We develop custom solutions under contract.
    - as a defense contractor
    - for WB and UN projects
    - joint ventures and pure OEM supply agreements
  • DataGrid develops GNSS technology for all precision markets including Defense, Space & Aerospace, Land Surveying and Land Management, Machine Control, Marine Ship Monitoring and Control, Structural integrity Monitoring (bridges, dams, nuclear waste management sites, ...), Geodetic Research, Precision GIS.
  • DataGrid through its Space Technology Applied Research (STAR) branch markets DataGrid's autonomous satellite position and time determination systems. These enable satellite clusters to collaborate and work as a unit. They can also probe the atmosphere for global climate change and more ...
  • DataGrid National Resource Management Services has used our ground and space technologies to develop the only World Bank approved package (hardware/software/procedures) to impellent systematic demarcation of land in the developing world. Systematic demarcation is a joint UN, IMF and WB imitative to improve security and mitigate poverty in the new millennium.

* DataGrid has collaborative arrangements with: INTA (Spain), NASA-KSC (USA), Space Florida (USA), Univ. of Florida (USA) and also actively collaborates with IRF (the Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Sweden), NanoSpace of SSC (Swedish Space Corporation, Sweden), the Fraunhofer Inst. (Germany) and SSF (Space Systems Finland Oy, Finland). 

** DataGrid markets its products and services globally subject to Export restrictions of Precise Positioning Services (PPS) Technology is Authorized for GPS Memorandum of Understanding Countries Only.

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