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DataGrid's core technology is high accuracy GNSS solutions

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From OEM receivers, software and custom development all the way to finished solutions ready to market, our products are based on our own patented technology, developed and built in Europe or the USA. The OSR open approach allows our customers to develop their own solutions that they may market as alternatives or supplements to DataGrid's products. OSR is a game changer in the industry.

We bring flexibility, web based remote maintenance and reliability of space technology to ground applications.



Short and low-cost development cycles

Niche markets

MEMS integration

Dynamic adaptability    as the environment changes for example from open sky to urban canyons

Developer Advantages    Develop your own functions using open protocols and only license the modules you need. You may market your own solutions (correlators, search engines, RTK engines, MEMS adaptations, etc...) independently or through DataGrid and navXperience.



  On accuracy of all OSR/DGRx receivers




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